Breathtaking Modern Abstract Art From Linde B. Martin

An incredible modern artist with the interesting technique of painting with large and small knives. Linde B. Martin paints with freedom and from the heart, and this is the figurative knife that cuts through the emotions of the viewer. Below she describes her philosophy further.

“My work has been described as a palette for the viewer to create and see with.”

image-297-398x400“The abstract style lends itself to your projections and symbols. In the sweeps, arcs, and shafts of layered color, you will see what you need to see – a woman, a forest fire, a desert canyon, the wheel of time, even the gods. For me, creativity and art are about sharing. Both the viewer and the painter create together. We undertake a journey of courage and surrender when we look into the canvas. It is the same for me as I paint – I open myself to flow and force of the creative energy of the universe and the work just flows!Our task, or challenge, as adults is to rediscover our own boundless creativity and relearn how to see. I use abstract painting as a language to communicate our shared experience and to bring us together as one. The abstraction on the canvas really exists somewhere on this Earth, and we can recognize it. Some people, standing before an abstract painting, will know immediately “what is it,” while others will take longer to recognize it. And of course, they are seeing their own personal symbols and images.I invite you to go into the canvas, and into your self – to see and experience all the wonder, beauty, emotion, and spirit that is there. Even the greatest art is just poor imitation of the divine – in the end we have to go to the true source.”









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