This Is Victor: Woman Helps Homeless Man Build New Life

For three years everyday, Ginger Sprouse and other residents of Kemah, Texas, would drive past Victor Hubbard, rain or shine. Victor Hubbard did not have a place to live and resided on a bench on the corner of a very busy intersection.

One day, Ginger decided she didn’t want to drive past Victor anymore and pulled her car over to get out and talk to him. Ginger was curious to see what he had to say. Victor, whose been living with mental illness, told Ginger that he hadn’t seen his mother in years, and he was afraid that if he moved locations, his chances of his mother finding him would decrease.

“He was so sweet. He didn’t ask me for anything. He didn’t want anything. He was just excited that I wanted to stop and talk to him. This is not OK with me that he’s here waiting, and we can’t do anything about it,” Ginger shared.

Ginger quickly went home and shared Victor’s story with her husband. Ginger and her husband felt Victor’s story needed to be heard and that they would be his voice. They created a page on Facebook, This Is Victor, that immediately attracted lots of attention.

Thanks to Ginger and her husband, the Kemah community has come together with around 9,000 people pitching in to help support Victor.

“She came around and she kind of saved me. She helped me. It’s like grace,” Victor emotionally says about Ginger.

Watch the full story below to see how Ginger’s simple yet compassionate decision to stop and talk to Victor one day changed both of their lives.


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